How to Prepare for Telephone Interviews

telephone interview

A telephone interview can be a highly effective method for a business to quickly screen a number of potential candidates quickly and efficiently, while not wasting the same amount of time and money needed for more traditional face-to-face interviewing. Often, all current recruiters are seeking is an intelligent, well-structured telephone voice and a quiet, calm manner on the phone. It’s important that you, as an applicant, possess these qualities and traits if you want to impress interviewers with no background in business. There are many things you can do to show the interviewer that you are qualified for the position. Here are some of the best techniques to use with success:

Your attitude and demeanor are the most important aspect of your entire telephone interview, which will have a profound effect on how the interview goes. When you are asked a question regarding a specific position, you need to be able to confidently answer it. You don’t want to seem too “one-minded” or too full of yourself. You really want to come across as a person who has valuable experience and skill-sets to bring to the job. Being overconfident or sounding rehearsed will definitely come off as unprofessional.

In addition to being enthusiastic about the position you’re interviewing for, it’s also important to portray a sense of professionalism. Interviewers want to be impressed by how well you handle yourself in person and talk on the phone. When you’re doing telephone interviews, you need to keep in mind that the interviewer is not seeing you on your computer screen. Therefore, you should present yourself in the best possible manner possible. Dress for success and dress appropriately; wear a professional smile and wear clothes appropriate for the position you’re interviewing for.

When conducting telephone interviews, many people fail to realize how much time can be saved by using a tape recorder. Many people record their telephone interviews onto blank tapes or CDs. This method takes up very little time and allows you to make several copies of the same recording. It also allows you to review each recording to ensure that you’ve gotten accurate, clear responses. You can then make sure you’ve caught everything correctly.

One of the more common reasons people fail the telephone interview is simply not knowing enough about the company they are interviewing for. You should conduct plenty of research on the company and their history before even taking the job. Take the time to really understand how they operate, how customers feel, what they do, and how the company really functions. If you do not completely understand how the organization runs, you may not be able to effectively answer some of the more important interview questions or perhaps even qualify for the job. Having a basic understanding of how the company works will go a long way toward helping you successfully complete a phone screen interview.

Another key element to remember when preparing for a telephone interview is to always dress professionally. Your body language will speak volumes and you do not want your attire to leave people unsure about how to contact you. Dress in layers, and wear clothing appropriate for the position you are interviewing for. For example, if you are applying for an entry level position, wear a button down shirt and a conservative tie. On the other hand, if you are interviewing for the position of division manager, you should dress up more like a corporate executive with a suit and tie.

As previously mentioned, good body language is essential to successfully interviewing for any position. If the interviewer does not look at you as though you are a qualified candidate, then you will most likely not get hired. Dress professionally but let your natural smile shine through. The interviewer may ask you questions that need clarifying, so make sure to respond with a confident, clear answer.

When you are talking to the potential employer over the phone, you will not have the opportunity to take notes or write down anything that you hear your interviewer says. Make sure that you take notes on important points of information regarding the job title and qualifications. If you are pressed for time during the telephone interview, write down anything that you hear your potential interviewer say so you can use it later. In an in-person interview, taking notes is essential to ensure you do not miss any valuable information your potential employer says.

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