Accident – A Life Changing Accident

life changing incident

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Because life changing events are so important to life, we tend to focus on what could have been, and what might have been – but without thinking about how life changing the incident actually was. You’ve probably experienced this yourself: after an amazing, life changing experience you remember nothing about the experience except what you remember. Your mind doesn’t wander back to the event because it occurred so completely and utterly over again.

It’s easy to say that life changing experiences are inspiring, and that’s certainly true. But the truth is that sometimes life-changing experiences can happen so rapidly that there is very little time to contemplate those thoughts. And what’s the result? You start thinking about your life from a different perspective entirely.

You might think that you should reflect back on the life you had leading up to the life-changing event, but what happens when you do? You end up comparing the new life you have to the old one. And what do you get? You become obsessed with finding out why the old life mattered so much to you, and what you can do to get you through it. While it’s possible to work through life changing events by examining the reasons for their happening, it’s also true that you can lose sight of the reason why the event happened in the first place.

When I had a life changing incident that changed my life, I was twenty years old and had been married for only a year. I had a college degree, a good job, and a good friend, and was content in my life. Then something happened. I’ll never forget how much pain I was in the next few days, weeks, and months.

One of my closest friends from my college days called me and was upset that I hadn’t come to visit her in person after I went off to college. She said I had missed so many chances to talk to her since I left college and now she’d been calling every day trying to set up a meeting. I didn’t know what to say and she was getting impatient with me. She told me she was going to file a personal injury lawsuit against me because she’d gotten severely injured at work and needed me to come in and mediate. She was in a wheelchair and couldn’t walk without hurting herself more, and her job was at risk if she continued to slip. My life was changing all around me as I tried to reason with her.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. I realized I needed to stop comparing my new life to the old one. What I needed was to focus on living the life I already had rather than focusing on living the life I wished I had. Looking back on that life-changing incident that changed my life, I realize it changed my life for the better, and the way I live my life now is much different from how I lived my life before the accident. There’s no doubt in my mind that I would do it all again.

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